El Màrqueting de Continguts a Andorra

Andorra’s history shows that it is a country that has always managed to evolve and successfully reinvent itself. The country has gone from a society of 3,600 inhabitants during the interwar period, having an economic model based on agriculture and livestock, to becoming a prosperous country of approximately 70,000 inhabitants whose growth is based on trade, tourism and the financial sector. Western world is facing a slow economic recovery and Andorra is no exception. The country has enjoyed from many decades of prosperity and now is going through a period of transformation. The liberalization of foreign investment, tax and trade harmonization with Europe and greater financial transparency and legal security are milestones that arerepositioning Andorra as a competitive international destination for investment projects and business. As far as foreign investment is concerned, figures are promising since the value of investments authorized in 2014 represented 4,5% of the Andorran GDP (official source: Actua). In the current economic climate, and despite recent financial setbacks, interesting business opportunities arise from Real Estate, Retail, Health & Wellness to Business Acquisitions. Beyond the strong local market fuelled by 8 million of tourists each year, Andorra is a great window to invest and to operate abroad. It is also important to point out that the country is a perfect destination for those considering retirement, for rentiers or even families. The fiscal framework is very attractive indeed, together with a moderate cost of living, wonderful mountains, shopping, stability, safety and quality of life. This is therefore a clear message to the international community encouraging investors, companies and individuals to bet for Andorra. Andorra is looking forward to hearing from you. In terms of Foreign Investment, a new Law 10/2012 was approved on the 21st of June 2012 which came into force on the 19th of July 2012.The Law permits 100% liberalization of investment in all sectors and simplifies the process of incorporating companies to accelerate the market in the short term and open the doors to talent and foreign investment, reviving and strengthening the economy of Andorra by way of diversification, competitiveness, promoting innovation initiatives and a wise use of tax differential. This new competitive model as a strategic tax platform, has been created to attract foreign investment start-ups, create jobs and wealth, focusing on sectors and recruitment to those businesses that generate higher added value and growth. This is intended to: Provide a good service to established investments and potential investors, providing support to potential investors at all stages: pre-investment, investment and post-investment. Promote an adequate investment climate that encourages investment, identifying the needs of potential investors and investors already established and suggesting measures to meet those needs, strengthening relations with associations and institutions related to foreign investment. Disseminate and promote a competitive country image associated to Andorra, including a modern and innovative view, increasingly internationalized and provided with adequate human and technological resources to the process of globalization of markets and the economy. Establish lines of collaboration with all institutions in the State (and also at a local level) which are focused on the promotion and attraction of investments to establish a network of leverage to achieve the above objectives. In terms of active residency in Andorra, membership in the Andorran Social Security (CASS) is mandatory for all employees, and similar workers performing an activity on their own account. Employees are subject to a tax rate of a 5.5% up to 10.5%, the employers will be subject to a 14.5%. Self-employed employees will have to pay between a 20% to 25%. All foreigners working in the Principality must have a work permit. Once an employee is hired by a national company, this company should apply to the Ministry of Home Affairs for a permit. The granting of permits by the Ministry is subject to an immigration quota. Foreign investors and professionals who channel their investments through Andorran companies have the right to request a Residence and Work Permit under the Self-Employment regime. This permit can be obtained by complying with two specific conditions, these being becoming a shareholder of the Andorran entity (participation of >10%) as well as being appointed to the Board of Directors of the company. This kind of permit requires the permanent and effective residence in Andorra of the holder and the corresponding contribution before the Andorran public health system (CASS). As a result, the new resident will have access to the Andorran public health system as well as to a subsequent family reunification if required. In respect of the residency without the right to work status, with the legislative changes operated during the year 2012, there are three types of residency immigration permits without work: residency without lucrative activity, residency permits for professionals with an international outlook and residency permits for reasons of scientific, cultural and sporting interests (all directed to the promotion of this type of residency among the High Net Worth Individuals). The top ten tax-free destinations where expats and non-doms don't hand a single penny to the exchequer. Bradley Hackford, a firm specialising in international expatriation, has ranked the top ten countries with low tax burdens on criteria including quality of life, legal and physical security, quality of economic investment, and location accessibility and recreational opportunities. More... The 14 best income funds that make the White List for dividend hunters are revealed Raise taxes after election to get UK budget back under control, says IMF Heading on holiday and fancy having more to spend? Pick up one of the best debit and credit cards to help you avoid overseas fees Moving to sunnier climes or overseas for work? The best offshore current accounts to manage your cash Top of the list is the Bahamas, a stones throw from the USA and benefiting from glorious surroundings as well as political stability. TOP TEN LOW TAX DESTINATIONS 1. Bahamas 2. Andorra 3. Monaco 4. Bulgaria 5. Panama 6. Mauritius 7. United Arab Emirates - Dubai 8. Guernsey 9. The Cayman Islands 10. Switzerland (Source: Bradley Hackford) The country - which consists of more than 700 tiny islands - offers an excellent standard of living as well as 0 per cent tax on personal earnings. Residency is given to those who make an investment of at least £300,000 in local real estate – although those with £1million burning a hole in their pockets can speed up the application process. Coming in at two and three respectively on the list are the tiny principalities of Andorra and Monaco. Both destinations are popular with Europeans looking for a tax-efficient bolt-hole. Andorran citizenship is given to those who invest £270,000 and attracts French and Spanish border residents as well a non-European foreigners, particularly Russians, who appreciate the country’s location and high level of security, according to Bradley Hackford. Monaco is particularly attractive to residents from Italy, Russia and Switzerland. Obtaining residence requires being able to demonstrate significant financial wealth. Residents of Monaco do not pay any income tax at all, except people of French nationality who continue to pay their taxes in France. Bulgaria is ranked four on the list, with the lowest tax rates in the whole of Europe, at ten per cent on personal income. Europeans do not have to make an investment to be eligible for residency residency, but non-Europeans must be prepared to invest a hefty £400,000 in state bonds.


Quan escoltar amb atenció i ajudar els clients és la millor eina per vendre més.

El Màrqueting de Continguts a Andorra no és ni una tendència ni una ciència nova. Tots els estudis actuals reflecteixen immenses majories de suport a aquesta disciplina i, darrerament, ha estat el servei més demandat pels nostres clients. Als mercats madurs i deprimits, on el procés de compra és cada dia més reflexiu, el Màrqueting de Continguts és l’eina més eficaç.

Què és?

El Màrqueting de Continguts és una estratègia comunicativa basada en oferir al client tot aquell coneixement que pot servir-li per respondre les seves preguntes. La seva línia editorial no se centra en la venda, sinó en proporcionar informació valuosa i generosa sobre el camp d’interès dels nostres potencials clients. Simplificant, és l’exercici que fan les empreses per ser hospitalàries abans que venedores.


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